Creatulize X1 Robot Bed Vacuum

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  • Hands-free Deep Bed Cleaning
  • Fall Prevention & Obstacle Avoidance
  • Smart Path Planning
  • Vibrate, Vacuum, Sanitize
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Obstacle Avoidance & Fall Prevention

Equipped with 9 proximity sensors, an Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance feature accurately moves
around items left on the bed while simultaneously identifying edges, to clean thoroughly without falling.

Smart Path Planning

​​Intelligent Path Planning is an automatic navigation system that eliminates redundant cleaning of the same area and significantly enhances efficien-​cy. It maximizes bed surface cleaning while effectively eliminating hygiene blind spots.

270nm UV-C Sanitize

While capturing dust​mites, the four UV-C​LEDs accomplish 99.99%​mite elimination and​bacterial sterilization. The​270nm UV-C wavelength​boasts powerful​penetration, spanning a​broad area, and​disrupting the DNA of​both mites and bacteria.

Vacuum & Vibrate

X1's 14AW of powerful vacuum suctioneffortlessly captures fine dust, mites, and particles from deep within the mattress, ensuring a swift and effective cleaning process.

Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency

Manual Precision

X1's versatile manual
mode is designed to
assist in cleaning objects
with uneven surfaces,
such as pillows.

Multiple Filtration

HEPA filtration prevents secondary pollution of the surrounding air. Our innovative cyclonic filtration technology efficiently separates dust and hair, minimizing filter clogs and tangles.

Three-Mode Flexibility

Soft​ mode

Powerful​ mode

Precision ​mode

Mite Removal Test

X1 is More Than Just for Bed Cleaning

What's in the Box